A complete platform for building web applications.

What is ErtikazOS?

ErtikazOS is a platform that provides a set of components for building your web applications fast , easy and secure.


  • Login
    • Login using different back-end Database, LDAP, IMAP and Exchange WebService.
    • Registration to the platform.
    • Reset password.
  • User
    • Dashboard page.
    • View/ edit Profile.
    • Notifications
  • Applications
    • Change application configurations.
    • Activate or deActive application.
    • Set default permissions for each application.
  • Groups
    • Activate or deActive group.
    • Set default permissions for each group.
  • Users
    • Activate or deActive user.
    • Set default permissions for each user.
    • Add user to one group or more.
  • Configurations
  • and more...